Campus Wireless

What you really want to know:

SCTCC Wi-Fi network: SCTCC Wireless

SCTCC Wi-Fi Password: cyclones

Wireless access on your Windows PC

Enable your wireless card

  1. Start > Control Panel > Network Connections
  2. Right Click on your wireless connection and enable
  3. Some laptop computers also have a switch on the outside of the case.  Make sure that this is in the ON position.

Connect to SCTCC Wireless

  1. Right-click on your wireless connection again
  2. Choose “View available wireless networks”
  3. If nothing shows up, click refresh
  4. When you see SCTCC Wireless, choose it and connect
  5. For the password use: cyclones
  6. Open your web browser (ex. Internet Explorer or Firefox)

Wireless access on your Mac

  1. Make sure your wi-fi card is on by clicking on the wi-fi symbol in the upper right of your menu bar
  2. The wi-fi networks should automatically populate in the menu under the wi-fi symbol
  3. Choose SCTCC Wireless as your network
  4. Use cyclones as the password