Student Club Advisor & Officer Documents

These are the documents you’ll need to:

Start a club

If you’d like to start a club, each club officer and advisor must read and sign the following forms, then submit these forms to the Student Senate at its first scheduled meeting of the year. Failure to complete and submit these documents could put the club on probation and in danger of losing funding.

Travel off campus

Club members traveling to off-campus events must complete and submit the following Code of Conduct document to their advisor.

Make purchases and deposit club funds
These forms have been developed by the SCTCC Business Office in cooperation with the Attorney General's Offices to assist clubs and their advisors in generating revenue and making purchases.

Raise funds for your club

Before organizing any fundraising activities, clubs must complete and submit the following Fundraising Proposal Form to the Director of Student Life and Athletics at least ten days prior to the suggested start date of the activity.