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Medium Heavy Truck

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Why Choose This Program

The growing demand to transport products quickly and safely by trucks has created an increasing need for skilled medium/heavy truck technicians. Add to that the many buses, dump trucks and other large trucks needed to keep our communities and the economy moving, and you’re on the road to a rewarding career with a variety of opportunities.

Medium/Heavy Truck Program graduates can perform maintenance, repair, and diagnostics on medium/heavy duty trucks and trailers. Students will gain experience in challenging areas such as truck computers, diesel engines, electrical systems, suspension, air-brakes, power train and emissions. Graduates also have opportunities in related truck areas such as welding, CNG & Alternative Fuel Systems, & DOT Vehicle Inspector Certification.

St. Cloud Technical and Community College's Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Program is ASE Certified and is accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation, Inc. (NATEF).

2015 Placement Rate
Central MN Average Hourly Wage

Career Choices

The St. Cloud area supports a large transportation industry. This setting offers many job opportunities for students enrolled in the Medium/Heavy Truck program to work part time during their academic career. This allows Medium/Heavy Truck students to graduate with a degree/diploma and also related on the job experience.

Student career opportunities include working as a technician at; truck dealers, large truck/trailer fleets, independent truck repair shops, and construction companies.  

Because of the courses and the availability of OEM training resources our graduates leave certified and skilled, which makes them more valuable to the employer and opens up various opportunities for employment and advancement.

There are also opportunities for AAS Degree graduates as technicians, shop supervisors, warranty administrators, & dealer or factory representatives.

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