Testing Accommodations Procedures

A student with a disability may qualify for testing accommodations. Testing accommodations do not fundamentally alter the intent of the exam or lower the program standards. Testing accommodations are provided to ensure students the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the material without the barrier of a disability.

Types of testing accommodations for which students may be eligible:

  • Tests read
    Students with print-related disabilities may qualify for this accommodation.  Tests are scanned or electronically presented and read aloud to the student using screen reading software.
  • Test scribe/speech-to-text software
    For some students, a scribe is an appropriate accommodation. A scribe is a person who writes or types answers as stated word for word. Speech-to-text software is preferred, if appropriate. To utilize this software, students must schedule a training session in advance of the first test.
  • Extended test time
    For those who qualify, the time limit of a test may be extended, usually to time and a half of the regularly scheduled limit.
  • Alternative test site
    Tests will be taken in a quiet, distraction reduced environment allowing the student an environment for better concentration.

Student procedures to use testing accommodations

Accommodated tests must be scheduled in advance. Test dates are usually specified in the class syllabus provided by the instructor. Neither the instructor nor the Accoessibility Specialist will remind a student of the need for a test accommodation. It is up to the student to use information provided by the instructor to make test accommodation requests every time they are desired.

  • Share your Accommodations Plan with your instructor early in the semester and discuss your intentions of using accommodations on your tests.
  • At least 3 days prior to your test please contact Kerby Plante, Accessibility Specialist, to schedule an appointment time to take the test. 
  • On your exam day, please arrive prepared and on time. Plan to leave all book bags, cell phones, coats, hats, textbooks and any other personal belongings outside of the test rooms.

You are responsible for notifying your instructor and Accommodations Specialist, John Bjork, if you need to cancel or change the time/day of a scheduled exam. Exams are returned to instructors on the scheduled exam day. If you miss a scheduled test, contact your instructor to determine if rescheduling is possible. You will need to reschedule your testing appointment as well.. If there has been a problem with test accommodation arrangements for a test you’ve taken, make an appointment with Judy Jacobson Berg, Counselor for Students with Disabilities immediately to discuss the problem.

Contact Us

Judy Jacobson Berg, Counselor for Students with Disabilities
320-308-5096 or 1-800-222-1009. TTY users dial MN Relay at 711


Kerby Plante, Accessibility Specialist
320-308-5920  |  kplante@sctcc.edu