ESL ELL & EAP Support Services

The mission of ESL services at St. Cloud Technical and Community College is to provide linguistically diverse speakers of English with foundational academic writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills necessary to improve their performance at the college level.

Prior to entering SCTCC:

If you need to work on your academic English skills before attending SCTCC, the following options may be of interest to you:


The Mosaic FAST TRACK Summer Program— is an intensive summer program that provides an opportunity for students to increase their skills in English reading and writing.  It also includes technology lessons and college resource information for SCTCC students. No credits are awarded for this class, but it allows students to increase their skills in English reading and writing.  For more information visit the MOSAIC page on our website.

Adult Basic Education:

 English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are for adults whose native language is not English.  These courses are offered off campus in St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids. Classes are designed to help adults develop English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills according to their individual goals.  Six separate levels for the ESL student to learn and build their English skills are offered.  For more information or to enroll go to the ABE website found here.

Course Placement:

After you are accepted to St. Cloud Technical and Community College, you will be asked to take a placement test for Reading and Math. More details and study materials can be found at SCTCC's ACCUPLACER page.

If you test into Developmental Education, you will have the option to take developmental courses designed specifically for ESL students. These courses are beneficial if you would like to focus on grammar, vocabulary, and understanding American college culture.  You will have the opportunity to speak with an advisor for permission to enroll in these ESL specific sections if they would be beneficial to you.  Some ESL students choose this option, while others choose the traditional developmental course options.

Courses Offered:

The following chart shows the ESL specific course offerings at SCTCC:


Your success is important to us! SCTCC offers many student resources that you can take advantage of while you're here.



If you test into Developmental Education, SCTCC has two ESL advisors who will monitor your progress as you take your classes and work towards your degree. If you test into general education courses or are enrolled in a program, you will also have an advisor who provides these services. All advisors provide support and resources to help you be a successful college student.


Center for Academic Success (CAS)

The Mary Stangler Center for Academic Success (CAS) offers free tutoring services to all St. Cloud Technical & Community College students, faculty, and staff.  The CAS employs more than 20 part-time students and four full-time learning center professionals committed to providing an inclusive learning environment to assist learners of all abilities and backgrounds.

Multicultural Night

Student Clubs

SCTCC currently has two clubs that provide social and community service opportunities for students.  The Somali Student Organization and Spanish Club are open to all students.

Contact Information


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Patrick Dunham, ELL Coordinator
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