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EAP Level II 
Students entering this level will have scored between 70-89 on the ESL Accuplacer Test.

EAP College Writing II            EAP 0300              4 credits
This is the second-level structure course for non-native speakers of English. In this course, English Language Learners increase proficiency in the writing skills necessary for personal and academic communication. Students use process writing techniques to write multiple-paragraph assignments through short expository, response or researched essays. Students use sophisticated grammar structures in their writings while immersing themselves in culturally and contextually relevant writings and readings.

EAP College Reading II           EAP 0330              4 credits
This is the second course in the developmental sequence of reading for non-native speakers of English. In this preparatory course, students will expand their ability to successfully use reading strategies for success in college courses, with an emphasis in active reading, activating schemata, and comprehension development. This course is developmental and does not fulfill a general education or general studies requirement.

EAP Listening II                       EAP 0310                 4 credits
This course is designed to provide non-native speakers of English with the academic listening skills necessary to improve performance at the college level. This course will focus on the strategies and techniques that students need in listening to and taking notes in academic lectures. Topics include comprehending lectures in academic content areas, recognizing the organization and structure of lectures, listening for main ideas and supporting details, taking and organizing notes using specific note taking methods, predicting content and evaluating information, and interpreting verbal and nonverbal language markers in a lecture. EAP Listening II is intended as a complimentary course to EAP Reading II and EAP Writing II so students are encouraged to take all three classes during the same semester.

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Patrick Dunham, ELL Coordinator