Infosession: Exploring Majors and Careers

All students who are uncertain of their academic program or career should sign up for this informational meeting. This information session will include the following content and activities:

  • Understand what exactly it means to be "undecided"
  • Build skills to make sense of happenstance
  • Get started with a free career assessment tool MCIS (Minnesota Career Information System)
  • Make a schedule of your career exploration activities for your first year/semester at SCTCC
  • Arrange a follow-up one-on-one meeting with advisor or counselor
  • Tour various program areas to see what SCTCC has to offer

Seating for each meeting is limited, so sign up as soon as you can for an available meeting.

ProgramDate/TimeRoomSeats Available
Exploring Majors and Careers10/17/17 1:00 pm1-43325
Exploring Majors and Careers11/06/17 2:00 pm1-43324
Exploring Majors and Careers11/21/17 2:00 pm1-43325