Community College Connection Program - Financial Aid

As a Connection student, your financial aid will be processed at St. Cloud Technical and Community College (SCTCC). Your financial aid funding will be received by SCTCC and ill be used to cover your SCTCC costs first. Any excess, after covering your SCTCC costs, will be released to you. It will be your responsibility to pay any costs you incur at Saint Cloud State University (SCSU).

Your first step to apply for financial aid is to completing the FAFSA and have your results sent to SCTCC by entering the school code 005534 on the FAFSA. Please contact Anita Baugh, Director of the Financial Aid Office at St. Cloud Technical and Community College at (320) 308-5936 with any questions about our financial aid. 

If you are planning on taking out a private loan to pay for your St. Cloud State University (SCSU) charges (program fees, student fees, meal plans, housing, etc.), be sure to have the loan certified through the SCTCC Financial Aid Office. The St. Cloud State University Financial Aid Office will not process a private loan for your dorm charges if you are a Connection student. Once you are eligible to transfer to St. Cloud State University, the SCSU Financial Aid Office will process your aid.


Community College Connection Program

Amie Bordwell - Coordinator