Cyclones Care

The Cyclones Care team is here to help with concerns about the safety and wellbeing of you or someone you know. SCTCC has knowledgable staff who are ready to help.

Some warning signs that can help you identify if you should file a report:

  • Self-injury: suicidal thoughts or attempts, cutting, dangerous alcohol/substance abuse consumption, etc.
  • Disruptive behavior or threats that make the campus community unsafe: homicidal threats, stalking, assault, bullying, cyber bullying, carrying weapons, etc.
  • Unusual behavior: personality changes, symptoms of depression, mood swings, unexplained irritability and/or tiredness, a feeling of hopelessness, etc.

Need help?

If you know someone or you yourself need help, please click below to fill out a form.

Need immediate help?

If you are in crisis and need immediate help:

  • Local 24-hour Mental Health Crisis Hotline (Central MN Mental Health Center) at 320-253-5555 or 1-800-635-8008.  
  • Central MN Sexual Assault Center (24-hour crisis response phone lines) at 320-251-4357 or 1-800-237-5090. Email:
  • Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), a free, 24-hour hotline is available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Your call will be routed to the nearest crisis center to you.
    • Call for yourself or someone you care about
    • Free and confidential
    • A network of more than 140 crisis centers nationwide
    • Available 24/7
  • Call 911 for immediate emergency response

Cyclones Care is a resource for students who need mental health support and decide to take the first step to find a mental health counselor.