Deciding to Take Online Classes

Should you take an online class or enroll in an online program?

Online classes provide flexibility to meet your needs. These needs could be driven by a work or family schedule, geographic location, and learning style.

While online classes and programs provide some flexibility, course requirements and schedules still need to be met.

Is an online class easier than an on-campus class? No.

Is an online class harder than a regular class? Maybe.

Flexibility with an online class does not mean easier.

An online class has the same requirements as an on-campus class with the same instructor. Because online students do not attend on campus, they have to be self-disciplined to go into the online class and do the work and study as needed/required.

An online class takes the same time and effort as a regular campus class does. Remember, for every hour a student is in a class, he/she should spend two additional hours studying, reading, doing homework, etc. This means a three-credit class requires at least six hours of class and study time per week whether enrolled in an online class or an on-campus class; a course load of 12 credits would require 24 hours of class time and study time per week.

In addition to the requirements, knowledge and skill, of an on-campus class, an online student must have the additional knowledge and skills to be successful online.