Ten high-paying careers you can get with an SCTCC degree

January 18, 2018

Coming to SCTCC has a lot of benefits: less time in school, small classes, involved instructors, and it's less expensive than a four-year. But did you know that graduates from our programs can jump into jobs that pay really well?  

Here are ten programs at SCTCC that have high-paying careers after you graduate.

Auto Body

$15.93-36.56/hr ($33,134-76,045/yr)

SCTCC’s Auto Body program is a great place for people who want to work with their hands and have a passion for cars. Students in the program learn new technology regarding car body repair, and are trained in many skills, including sheet metal repair and using computer-aided laser measuring systems. Learn more

Mechanical Design

$17.19-35.11/hr ($35,755-73,029/yr)

Want to work with a product from beginning to finish? Are you good at math but like a little creativity? Mechanical designers design a product, then work with technology like 3D printers to create the finished product. Students learn 2D drawing and 3D modeling as well as material selection, aesthetics, cost, etc. With this degree, designers can assist Mechanical Engineers. Learn more

Energy and Electronics (Nuclear)

$23.29-54.41/hr ($48.443-113,173/yr)

The Nuclear specialist option of the SCTCC Energy and Electronics program is for the person who is interested in maintaining nuclear power generation and has a strong lean toward safety. This program meets national standards for nuclear power generation and meets industry and regulatory requirements. There are opportunities to job shadow at a local nuclear plant, and grads will be ready to apply electronic engineering and technical skills to work. Learn more

Water Environment Technology

$17.47-32.10/hr ($36,338-66,768/yr)

The wastewater treatment industry is in need of workers! There will be a lot of retirements in the municipal wastewater plants in the upcoming years, opening up many opportunities for graduates of this program. You don’t need to go into municipal work – there are always water jobs in other industries, like agriculture, food production, beverage production, paper production, and more. One of SCTCC’s graduates even works at a local brewery. Learn more

Land Survey/Civil Engineering

$14.66-44.62/hr ($30,493-92,810/yr)

A degree in Land Surveying/Civil Engineering means you get to have balanced time behind the desk and outdoors. Attention to detail is a plus, as this is a crucial step in the construction process. Many grads work for the Minnesota Department of Transportation or work with contractors, architectural firms, or utility contractors. Students learn CAD skills and have updated land survey instruments to learn with. Learn more

Computer Programming

$17.47-85.29/hr ($36,338-177,403/yr)

Computer enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Computers are everywhere, and the need for people to program software and technology is always present. The field is ever changing, with mobile devices and various applications that are everywhere. Programming grads have flexibility to work almost anywhere. Students will learn programming for mobile and network, web development, Java, C#, ASP, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, and more. Learn more


$19.94-58.24/hr ($41,475-121,139/yr)

A Finance degree can get you a job at almost any large company, banks, lending, or collections. On top of the many job options, this degree is offered 100% online. Students will study banking, consumer lending and credit law, personal money management, and commercial real estate. Learn more

Nursing (RN)

$26.04-49.20/hr ($54,163-102,336/yr)

Healthcare is booming, and nurses are on the front line. A Nursing degree preps grads for  a career in the health field right after graduation, or students can transfer to get their bachelor’s degree in nursing. Learn more

Dental Hygiene

$29.55-46.92/hr ($61,464-97,594/yr)

Dental Hygiene grads have a lot of options beyond the dentist’s chair: not only can they work in clinical practice, but also sales, education, research, health promotion, advocate, and public health. Dental health affects everyone, and promoting that is a hygienist’s career priority. Learn more


$28.03-47.79/hr ($58,302-99,403/yr)

The first thing most people think of when they hear sonography is pre-natal care, but sonographers do so much more than that. Using high frequency sound waves, our Sonography grads scan abdominal organs, superficial structures, vascular and musculoskeletal systems. With an SCTCC degree, grads can work in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and mobile scanning services. And because there are only a handful of higher ed institutions in the state that offer Sonography, our grads have an excellent job placement rate. Learn more

These wage ranges are average for Central Minnesota and come from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) - 4/9/2019.

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