Online Programs FAQs

If you're considering taking online courses for the first time you probably have a few questions.  We've assembled answers to the questions most frequently asked by online students. 

What does the online classroom look like?

SCTCC uses an online content management system (CMS) called D2L Brightspace.  D2L is where you will access your online classes and where most of your interaction with your instructor and classmates will take place.   

If you would like to learn more about D2L, you can access a set of D2L tutorials here:  D2L Tutorials 


How do I learn more about online programs at SCTCC?

Reviewing the information on the website is helpful, but if you have additional questions on online learning at SCTCC, here are a couple helpful options.

First, you can contact Admissions directly.  The entire Admissions team is ready to help you and answer your questions.  If they don't have an answer to your questions, they can connect you with the right people and resources.

Admissions Contact:

Second, you can tour campus to learn more.  As an online student, you might not want to come to campus very often or at all, but you still have every on-campus resource available to you.  Touring campus is a great way to get a feel for SCTCC and the resources you have available to you as an online student.  Attending a tour is also a great opportunity to learn more about the program you're interested in and get your questions answered. 


Do I have to come to campus to enroll in an online program?

No.  Some aspects of the enrollment process may be easier if you come to campus, like meeting with an advisor, but you don't need to come to campus to enroll. 

There are steps every student needs to take to enroll at SCTCC, and as an online student, Admissions can work with you so you don't have to come to campus.  If you would prefer to enroll without coming to campus your next step is to contact Admissions.     

Admissions Contact:

Do I have to take classes all online or all on-campus?

No.  You can choose to take some courses online and some on-campus.  This allows you to have more flexibility with your schedule and more variety in your education. 

If you would like to take some classes online and some on-campus, be sure to discuss this when you meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes.  After you apply to the college you'll be required to go through eOrientation, which is where you'll learn a lot about being a student at SCTCC and the resources that are available to you.  After you complete eOrientation you'll be required to meet with an Advisor to register for classes.  When you meet with your advisor you can discuss course availability and whether you'd like to take a mix of online and on-campus courses.          


Is an online degree the same as earning a degree by taking classes on-campus?

Yes.  When you complete a degree online your diploma will say the name of your degree in exactly the same manner as if you completed your degree on campus.

What if I have questions or need technical support?

When you have questions and need support, SCTCC's Student Help Desk can assist you. 

Questions about Student Technology services should be directed to the Open Computer Lab at 320.308.6445, and for any computer hardware or operational issues contact the Computer Help Desk at 320.308.5972, Northway Building Room 1-215. Questions can also be emailed to

For more information, visit: Student Help Desk 


Admissions staff are available to answer your questions.  Admissions: SCTCC Main Building Room 1404