Peer Mentors - FAQ

Discover support through peer mentors

Thank you for your interest in the Academic Peer Mentor position within the Academic Advising Center.

The transition into the first year in college can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. The Academic Peer Mentors help new and returning students navigate through campus resources along with assisting them in developing strong skills for life and college success. Academic Peer Mentors not only conduct individual mentoring, but also facilitate academic workshops, and provide guidance and encouragement throughout the academic semester.

If you are positive, friendly, and knowledgeable about St. Cloud Technical and Community College, we invite you to apply to be an Academic Peer Mentor. Below you will find a description of the position, FAQ, as well as an application packet.

What is a Peer Mentor?

Academic Peer Mentors serve as members of the Academic Advising Center team which aims to assist students throughout the academic semester by enhancing and promoting an overall positive college experience.

What are the benefits of being a Peer Mentor?

Academic Peer Mentor Program positions are paid, non-work study jobs. This is a great opportunity to gain meaningful leadership experience and recognition for the service you provide to individuals and SCTCC community. You will also accrue valuable work and service experience for your resume and college applications.

Who is eligible?

Peer Mentors must be enrolled at SCTCC in the semester in which they are working, have completed at least one full-time semester or two part-time semesters at the college, and be in good academic standing.

What is the time commitment as a mentor?

Students in this position are expected to work 10-20 hours per week. We put your school work as priority and we are willing to work around your class time. Peer Mentors will not be allowed to work if it is overlapping with a class.

Are all applicants interviewed?

We will only interview applicants that have submitted all required documents as follows:

  1. Application (Typed and submitted through the online application system)
  2. References
  3. Class Schedule

**Students who submitted these 3 required documents will receive a call for an interview.

What is the application process?

The Academic Peer Mentor position consists of a two-part process, which includes (1.) an application and (2.)an interview

Applicants that are invited for an interview will meet with current peer mentors and professional staff from the Academic Advising Center.

Selection and offers will be made within 2 weeks.

What are we looking for in a candidate?

A mentor is someone who fosters a structured and trusting relationship with their other student as a “Trusted Friend”. A well-qualified candidate for this position will demonstrate strong interpersonal communication skills: the ability to listen, understand and motivate others. We are looking for peer mentors that have a genuine desire to help others, respect for individuals and are committed to be a positive team member of Academic Advising Center.

What is the training like?

A training session is our priority and mandatory for all peer mentors, specific dates will be given during interviews. Necessary paperwork will be reviewed and expectations will be discussed. Additional mentoring skills are taught throughout the semester.

How Do I Apply?

This is an important step toward a new role in student leadership experience, thus NO applications will be accepted late. Please see below for links to the application and reference form.

For more information regarding the Peer Mentor Program, contact Sand Dwyer at , (320) 308-5942.