Post-Secondary Enrollment Option

SCTCC welcomes more than 200 high school students to campus each year through Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO).

PSEO is a state-funded program for high school students to earn free college credits while simultaneously completing high school graduation requirements. The PSEO program pays for tuition and required textbooks for college-level courses taken at SCTCC.

PSEO advisor
Meet PSEO Advisor Molly McAlister

31 Seconds

1. Meet with your high school or home school counselor to make a plan for completing your high school requirements for graduation.

● For guidance, use the PSEO Graduation Plan form to outline your high school and PSEO goals. ● Your high school counselor MUST complete Section 2 of the NOSR form for you to be eligible for PSEO.

2. Complete the PSEO Application. 3. Complete the 2019-2020 Notice of Student Registration (NOSR) form.

● Section 1: Student and parent/gaurdian completes. ● Section 2: High school/home school counselor completes. ● Section 3: Completed by the college after submission.

4. Submit a copy of your current high school transcript along with your other completed forms. You can either mail or email your documents to:

Mail: St. Cloud Technical & Community College Attn: Admissions 1540 Northway Drive St. Cloud, MN 56301


**Shortly after we receive ALL completed PSEO application documents, you will receive a checklist in the mail with your next steps, including taking the Accuplacer assessment, completing e-Orientation, etc.

*Remember, if you are a current PSEO senior and you are continuing your education at SCTCC after high school graduation, you do not need to complete an application to SCTCC. Stop by the Admissions desk and ask to fill out a Program Change Status Form. Resources for current PSEO students:

Juniors and Seniors SCTCC uses the Next Generation Accuplacer assessment to determine whether a student is eligible for PSEO. Students will test in both Reading and Math to determine which courses they should be placed in.

  • The minimum Next Gen Reading score needed to be eligible for PSEO is 237.
  • The recommended Next Gen Reading score is 250 or higher, as that will allow students to take more general college-level courses.
  • The minimum Next Gen Math score (Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics) needed to be eligible for a college-level math course is 260.
  • Note: Accuplacer Math scores are not as important as Accuplacer Reading scores. The Reading score is ultimately what determines eligibility for PSEO.
  • See the Accuplacer Assessment tab to check whether you are exempt from taking the Accuplacer.

Sophomores To be considered for PSEO as a Sophomore, students must pass the 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) in Reading to meet standards with a score of 850 or higher. Submitted MCA scores are required to complete the PSEO application.

  • Sophomores can take One Career and Technical Education (CTE) course their first semester.
  • Upon successful completion of the course (grade of C or higher), sophomores can take more CTE courses the next semester.
  • Students must be enrolled at a public school in Minnesota to participate.
  • Eligible CTE courses for PSEO sophomores

SCTCC uses the Next Generation Accuplacer Assessment to place students in the appropriate courses. All PSEO applicants are required to take the Accuplacer before acceptance into the program, unless exempt. Exemptions include:

  • ACT Subscores: 21 in Reading (valid 3 years) and 22 in Math (valid 2 years)
  • MCA scores: 1047 in Reading, 1055 in Math (both scores valid 5 years)
  • Previous college courework: at least two 3-credit, college-level courses
  • Previous Accuplacer scores: Valid 2 years for Reading and 3 years for Math

*Please send previous Accuplacer scores to our testing coordinator, Nathan Jacobson at Submit all other previous test scores with application documents. Need help preparing for the Accuplacer? Click here for practice tests, sample questions in reading and math, a study app, and more. Need testing accommodations? Visit our Disability Services webpage for more information.

All application items must be submitted on or before the deadline to be considered for admission into the PSEO program.

  • Placement testing should be done by the application date if possible and is required before the PSEO Advising and Registration day.

Spring Semester Deadline: November 1 Fall Semester Deadline: June 1 *PSEO does not financially cover summer courses, but students are still welcome to take summer courses at SCTCC.

After you take the Accuplacer assessment and meet the requirements for PSEO, you will receive a pre-registration checklist and letter in the mail with next steps, including completing e-Orientation, activating your StarID, and setting up your SCTCC email. You will also need to attend the mandatory PSEO Advising and Registration day. After acceptance into the PSEO program, you will receive a letter in the mail with information regarding the PSEO Advising and Registration day and make-up options.

Upcoming PSEO Information Sessions

SCTCC offers PSEO Information Sessions to provide students and parents with information regarding the PSEO application process, eligibility, and expectations for PSEO students.

Note: This is NOT required-- it is designed for students and parents who want to learn more and ask questions about PSEO at SCTCC.

Want to take PSEO classes at SCTCC?

To attend SCTCC through PSEO, complete the application requirement by these deadlines:

Fall Start: June 1st deadline

Spring Start: Nov. 1st deadline

PSEO Basics



We are happy to help you through this process and answer any questions you may have regarding PSEO! Contact SCTCC’s PSEO Coordinator/Advisor Molly McAlister for more information.

PSEO Advisor
Molly McAlister