Strategic Planning Committee Charter

Committee Purpose

St. Cloud Technical & Community College’s Strategic Planning Committee will lead the efforts to develop SCTCC’s strategic plan in coordination with CampusWorks’ strategic planning consultants. The Committee reports to the College President.

The Committee’s purpose is to:

  • Engage the College and its constituents in the planning process
  • Analyze and provide feedback on data and planning components
  • Assist with developing draft strategies and objectives

Committee Norms

  • Participation: Regular attendance in team activities and meetings
  • Voice: As appropriate share your role and the activities of the team to others in the St. Cloud community
  • Excellence: Timely review of materials and shared ownership of team responsibilities so that no one member carries the load. Recognize varying perspectives and start all discussions with an open mind.

Committee Success Measures

  • Full engagement of Committee members
  • Engagement of internal and external College constituents
  • Relevant, data-informed presentations to support the planning effort
  • Logistical and planning support for College events, including the Future Summit
  • Timely achievement of deliverables according to the agreed-upon calendar
  • Completion of strategic plan by September 2020

Committee Responsibilities

  • Provide consistent oversight and input into the process
  • Provide timely input and feedback on planning components and work
  • Attend strategic planning activities and committee meetings as requested
  • Develop draft strategies and objectives
  • Recommend readings/engagement activities for the SCTCC community
  • Escalate questions and concerns that may arise during committee work to ensure ongoing progress
  • Complete all e-surveys and encouraging others to participate in surveys and strategic planning activities
  • Serve as an ambassador for the strategic planning process